Episode 3!

Episode 3 :
Ladies of the Knit-episode 3

In this episode we talked about what is…

On our needles:
Susan is still working on her Abigail sweater, after a big frogging session and some long pondering.

It’s looking great. Sometimes a good rip out is just plain good for the soul.

Sally is still working on the Soay, and loving it. The mystery of the set-in-sleeves has been mastered, but there is not a finished project to share yet.

Kris is almost, almost done with the Modern Garden Sweater. and we really don’t think the sleeves make her arms look like sausages. she is also cruising along on her Brooklet. So lovely in her Madelinetosh pashminas.  Susan is slightly stymied by the Phiaro scarf from the spring 2008 Knitscene.

Sally has started a Pinkerton Shawl made from Madeline Tosh Merino Light, while the speedy Susan has finished and blocked hers.

In our queue:
Kris is tempted to knit a Giganto Blanket, and has shared some gorgeous patterns from Winged Knits. She has also snagged a copy of Little Red in The City, and we all want to knit and learn from this impressive tome.

Sally is still threatening to start a floofy skirt, but she already has a couple projects on her needles and is far too monogamous a knitter to dig in before something gets finished.

For our stash:
Susan has had fun shopping at Jimmy Bean’s Wool. And Kris went to her very favorite yarn store Loop, in Philadelphia with her mother (a birthday was involved) and she scored some  ________________ cashmere, merino, silk and some Koigu for a Linen stitch scarf from Churchmouse knits.

On our bookshelves:

Kris has been reading One of Our Thursdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde, and Sally has been reading Treasure Island with her son. This is so exciting that sometimes it is better to leave your bedroom light on when you go to sleep at night.

Random extras:

Susan loves Tom Hanks. She has always loved Tom Hanks, but now that she knows about his knitting prank he played on Julia Roberts she is totally done in. What’s not to love about Tom Hanks? And he knits. We heart Tom Hanks.

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2 Responses to Episode 3!

  1. Ann Bice says:

    Love your podcasts! Eagerly awaiting the next one.

    • Thank you! More in the works. Keep listening, and let us know if there is something you’re knitting, or thinking of knitting, or drooling over, or stashing….. we’ll check it out.

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