Episode 4: Knitting with a Murder of Crows

Listen here:

In this episode we competed with cacophonous crows and talked about…..

What’s On Our Needles:

Susan was feeling productive and inspired on her vacation and started three projects at once. She has a Liesel, a Lida shawl by Bristol Ivy, and a 22.5 by Martina Bem. She’s also working on the Firefly shawl.

Sally had another lovely rip out session, this time with her Pinkerton shawlette, but is happily on the right track now.

Kris is nearing completion of  the gorgeous Brooklet, designed by Cecily Glowik McDonald.
We love this colorway called Thunderstorm.

What’s Off Our Needles:

Susan finished her Phiaro shawl. It’s awesome, but she thinks there might be an easier way to get these results. It might be time to look through those unfinished project baskets for tubes of knitting waiting to be transformed. She also told us a tale of Knitting Dangerously while finishing up her Abigail sweater.

The Camp Report:

Sally gave us the lowdown on some teen and pre-teen knitters at camp. Several girls tackled the Tooley Owl and really enjoyed this nicely designed pattern for beginners.

The class also had a blast dying yarn with koolaid.
We also went on about What is in our Queues:
Susan and Kris want to make Janna’s Tunic, and Sally wants to make Cecily’s Leaflet (another top down masterpiece). We’re also thinking knitterly thoughts about the Chudonovsky Pi.  Kris shared with us a non-knitting jewelry project, the Beautiful Bee Wrapped Leather Bracelet. Let’s get creating people!

For our consumption:

Kris showed us What to Cook and How To Cook it by Jane Hornby, and Susan told us about her best yet iced coffee results.

It was a sultry summer evening of the nicest sort. We are off on more knitting adventures, and hope you are too.


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