Episode 5: Kris-less

Episode 5: Listen Here

In this episode we soldiered bravely on without Kris while we talked about what is…

Off Our Needles:

Kris finished her amazing Brooklett. It is perfect, although it’s hard to imagine needing such luxurious warm up gear in the heat of August.

Susan finished her Liesel and it is fabulous. Knitting is about process though, and Susan is contemplating some modifications to make it more of a short dress than a longish tunic. More on this to come.

Sally finally finished her Pinkerton, and her teenaged daughter indulged her by taking some photos of the finished project.

This is a fun pattern. The finished result is satisfying and wearable, and the rolled edge at the neckline is cozy. If you’re looking for a good project to bring in the car or take to the park this is a great choice.

On Our Needles:
Kris and Susan have embarked on the Stephen West Mystery Shawl KAL. They’ve gotten their first clues and have happily cast on. Sally was sorely tempted to join them, but she couldn’t quite figure out how to raise her debt-ceiling enough to purchase the three skeins of Tosh Merino Light she needed. She is still toiling through the Soay. It is lovely, but not as portable as summer knitting requires, so she has cast on for an unannounced baby sweater. The baby was unannounced, the knitting was not planned for.

On Our Minds:
Susan has been investigating the lawsuit Cascade is bringing against several other yarns for incorrect fiber content labeling. This is an excellent intrigue. What are you actually knitting with anyway? Is your cashmere really cashmere? Is that fancy “milk” yarn really plain old acrylic? Check out the brouhaha on the Cascade website, or stay tuned.

Hot Knitting:

If you’re looking for something to watch while knitting Sally recommends the new PBS Mystery series: Zen. This has absolutely no knitting content, and any knitting needs to be simple because it is pretty hard to take your eyes from the screen. It might be a good idea to have something handy to mop up the drool too. Just saying.

That’s all for now. Keep those needles clicking friends, and may all your days be knitting days.

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