Episode 6- Mysteries….

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We are very happy to report that Kris was  back with  Sally and Susan for Episode 6. We talked about what is Off Our Needles: Kris loves her new Brooklet– it really is lovely-so nice we are using it for our Blog header above! Susan finished her Firefly Fringed Scarf , which she is pleased with also- a great summer scarf. Sally was at the Finish line also, with her Snug, which is very cute and looks quite baby-friendly. Sal commented that while she liked knitting this , she prefers the EZ Tomten jacket.

On Our Needles: Kris has a couple of projects going-Trillian and Autumn Scarf, which Susan had to have also in her queue!  Kris’s Trillian is being worked out of her gorgeous FoxFiber from Sheepgal.  Susan has her Liesl back on her needles, after having it off , bound off, sewn together, washed and blocked! The painful part is over…… also on Susan’s needles , a 22.5 by Martina Behm, the same designer as Kris’s Trillian.

Where is the Mystery , you say? Well, Kris and I were excited to join the Stephen West Mystery KAL  with the first clue on August 1st. Although Clue #2 almost scared us away with the word ‘intarsia’ , we forged on…. here is mine so far:

a slow start....

Unimpressive, I know. We’ll get a photo of Kris’s posted.

In Our Queues: We all raved about Cecily Glowik-MacDonald’s new ebook “Rosy Days”. We love all 3 patterns….can’t wait to get started!

We all seem to also  be loving long , narrow , shawlettes (see ‘on our needles’ above) and our new fave is Scarfluffle by Knot Another Hat.

New to our stashes? Kris added some bargain Lamb’s Pride  sport from Heavenly Socks,  Susan acquired a Louet Dyeing Kitin a Ravelry trade.

The Cascade mystery is really more of a Law and Order episode, but begs the question- are we knitting with ‘mystery’ fiber content in our yarn?

On Our Bookshelves: Mysteries!  Kris introduced us the the Maisie Dobbs series.  Susan had been drawn into “Edith’s Diary” by Patricia Highsmith. Sally has been reading M.T Anderson.

Last, but certainly not least- we revived the topic of Iced Coffee, near and dear to our hearts.  Read the Boston Globe article we discussed here. Here is Kris’s recipe which sounded really good!

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2 Responses to Episode 6- Mysteries….

  1. Debra (aka JavaNut) says:

    I’ve really been enjoying your podcast… and the iced coffee discussion is one I had to chime in on. Similar to the cold-brew, I’ve made sure to have a pitcher of this in my fridge all summer (although I do half the qty!). I love the idea of using the coffee filter instead of cheesecloth to strain the grounds… so obvious (and much neater)!


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