Episode 7: Catching Up and Catching On

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First, let’s share some pictures of previously discussed finished projects. This is Kris’s Brooklet:

And here is Susan’s Firefly Shawl:

And now onto our recent knitting escapades. We talked at length about Susan and Kris’s Stephen West Mystery Shawl KAL. This is Susan’s amazing creation:

This was an interesting project. Kris made some good points about how hard it is to choose colors when you don’t know what the finished product is going to look like. Susan talked about how hard it was  because she didn’t know which of her three colors was going to be  dominant. We all agreed that it was fun to participate in a mystery project. But the question is, will Susan wear it? Stay tuned.

Sally finished a Floofy skirt for her daughter.

This was a perfect vacation/hurricane/car trip project; it was wonderful to knit along, changing colors at will, while never worrying about any shaping whatsoever. The teenage recipient seems to be happy with it too. But will she wear it? Stay tuned.

Next, we talked about Susan’s Liesel, which she had finished, but then she went back to the needles, frogged, and refinished it.

It is gorgeous. And she is wearing it!

On our needles:

Kris is working on an Autumn Scarf, by Annie Lee. Sally was so smitten by the knitting she had to cast on immediately. Susan is almost finished with a Fern Leaf Fitted Shell by Angela Hahn. She likes the pattern and she’s happy to be busting some of her stash.

In Our Stash:

Kris introduced us to the Plucky Knitter. She confessed to arranging her schedule around the sale times of this gorgeous stuff on etsy. Susan showed her Plucky Knitter aquisition, a  skein in the colorway “bittersweet”, a lovely shade of chocolate. Sally had the good fortune to spend Hurricane Irene at the home of Hilltop Handspun. She had several scrumptious skeins of alpaca and angora to share.

In our Queue:

We talked about Wool Book One, Coastal Knits, and Welsh for Rainbow. these patterns really have us drooling and thinking about buying more yarn. Kris is really close to casting on for one of Brenda Dayne’s patterns. Susan is eyeing some of the cardigans in Coastal knits, and Sally is  planning to begin a Veronique Avery vest for her husband (ravelry link).

On our book shelf:

Kris has introduced us to Karin Fossum and her Inspector Sejer mystery series. The book she showed us was Don’t Look Back, but there are several. This is another series from Norway, but she thinks it’s not quite as bleak as Wallendar. Her picks are always hits, so we are checking this out.

And on the iced coffee front:

Sally discovered a Sugar, Chocolate and Coffee Bean Grinder at Trader Joe’s. We are giving it rave reviews, and the teen age daughter is grinding it into everything she consumes.

Have fun knitting folks, and remember: Keep Calm And Knit On.


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