Episode 9: Finishing, Floofy, and Field Trips

Listen here

On the needles:

Kris has really had a good case of startitis this month. At this moment she has cast on for Lavonde, the Anthracite by Brenda Dayne (for which she mastered Judy’s magic cast on), Churchmouse Yarns Reversible Cable Neck Wrap or muffler,  Allegra’s Scarf, Autumn Scarf, and Trillian.

Susan is zooming in on the final inches of her Fallaway Cardigan. She is also working on the Churchmouse Yarns Bias Before And After Scarf.

While we spoke Sally cast off  her first TGV. There will probably be more to come. She is also working on The Zipped Vest, for which she is learning how to make a zipper into a “knitable object”. I’m sure there will be more on this later.

Off the Needles.
The TGV is OFF the needles and in action. That was all we had for finished projects this month.

In our Queues:

What isn’t in our queues? It seems as though we’re drooling over everything these days. here are some things we talked about:

Leaflet, RosieDays, Shalder, Reversible Scarf Tank (pretty idea) and White Whale.

On Our Field Trips:

Sally and Susan went to the ICA to see Liz Collins’ Knitting Nation

Susan and Kris went to Western Mass. While Kris was at a meeting Susan got a cup of coffee and made an amazing discovery. This is one of the best knitting books ever, with a special surprise.

Then They went to WEBS.

In Or Stash:

Charlemont Kettle Dyed, Cascade Nikki, The new knit.wear 2011

On Our Bookshelves:

The Pure In Heart
Recipes and Lessons From a Delicious Cooking Revolution
And Sometimes Why

That’s all for now. We had a blast. Keep Calm And Carry Yarn.
The Ladies Of The Knit


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