Episode 12: Holiday Wrap Up and Then Some……

You can listen to this episode Here!

Holiday Wrap Up:

Kris went to Philly and was at her favorite yarn store, Loop, within half an hour. She swooped up some Kidsilk Creation and knit up her mother a gorgeous scarf.

Susan wrapped up her cowls (a Gray Loop, a Marion, and a  Gaptastic). She was gratified to see the teen recipient of the Gray Loop put it on immediately and leave it there! (Yes! Insert fist bump here.) She also talked about her husband’s perplexed reaction to his Bicycle Helmet Ear Warmers, and how much fun it was listening to the guesses about the two triangular pieces.

Sally was relieved to see her kids open their Big Snowy Owls and actually laugh and hug them. Her daughter’s guess had been Totoro, the son had no idea, but loves his owl. (He has a thing for owls anyway) She also wrapped up a pair of Give A Hoot mittens for her cousin which were warmly received. If you’re looking for a fun, quick mitten pattern this is a really nice design.

We also talked about Susan’s Holiday wreath with balls of yarn adorning it ( great idea) and about our own Christmas gift swap. Susan made us great little knitting bags, with a graphic she found on Etsy and transferred to the bags, super cute and handy too. Sally gave bumper stickers that read, “Stay Alive, Don’t Knit And Drive”. That’s a good reminder, though it does seem awfully tempting during traffic jams. Kris gave us wishing bracelets. This is an excellent time of year for wishes. Focus everyone, time to think of a wish for 2012.

On our needles:

Kris is cruising along on three different projects. An Allegria Scarf, the Autumn Scarf, and the Embellish, a basketweave scarf, from Covet. She showed us the icord edging which is knit right into the scarf. It’s a genius technique that none of us (with our more than one hundred years of knitting experience) had ever seen before.

Susan has finally cast on for the Rocky Coast Cardigan from Coastal Knits, and is also nearing the bind off on her own Autumn Scarf.

Sally cast off an Unoriginal Hat the night before, and was unsure of what to get started on next. Susan and Kris helped her narrow it down to Cecily Glowik McDonald’s Quick Winter Hood (already finished as this is written) and some River Slippers from the latest Interweave Knits.

Queue Quandry:

We talked about how hard it is to decide what to knit these days. there are so many wonderful patterns, and we have access to them all, all the time. All these wonderful choices makes us want to knit everything and nothing at times. Some of our current top choices are: the TGV by Susan Ashcroft, the Scalloped Shawl from the Malabrigio Book, and Gudrun Johnston’s Aestlight Shawl. Anyone up for a KAL?


Sally went on and on about her Christmas score from Hilltop Handspun. Some beautiful, beautiful 100% Alpaca, some handspun Romney (not to be confused with Mitt), and some sock yarn in crazy fall colors. She also scored a copy of Jane Austen Knits. This magazine is full of interesting articles and some really cute patterns. Some of the patterns seem to be a bit of a stretch, as in ,”Would I really ever wear a hand knit Linen Work Apron?” (which is beautifully designed by Annie Modesitt), but other projects are practical and inspiring.

On the bookshelf:

Sally listened to The Elegance Of A Hedgehog (very moving and good to knit and wrap to) and read The Red Thread by Ann Hood (not really recommended, although she did read it all the way through, and there was a small knitting tie in). Susan read Great House by Nicole Krauss, and is working through  The Paper Garden, a biography of Mary Delaney, a paper artist that lived in the 1700’s. Kris has been reading tons of mysteries, and recommends Three Day Town, by Margaret Maron.

That about wraps it up. And remember, keep calm and carry yarn. Especially in your car.  Put a small project in your car for emergency knitting, because you never know.


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1 Response to Episode 12: Holiday Wrap Up and Then Some……

  1. Martha says:

    Listened to your podcast New Year’s Day. Great conversation. Love the laughter and can’t help but giggling with you. And very impressive project lists. You ladies are not slackers even during major holiday months. A KAL sounds wonderful. I like all the projects up for consideration. Count me in. Thanks for another wonderful podcast and also for the show notes. I must get some of the books you read too.

    Happy New Year.


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