Episode 14: Cruises, KAL, and Knitting gone Bad….

Hi- you can listen here…. !

On our needles:

Sally has been knitting away on her 22.5, although she has recently gotten distracted by the Annabel Sweater she started as part of a mother/daughter knitalong. The daughter isn’t knitting however, so we’ll see how that goes.

Susan is slogging away on her Dahlia Cardigan, which has been giving her a hard time. Right now she is taking it slowly and allowing herself to start other pleasant projects, that don’t require so much chart following. One of these is the Barley Sugar cowl, from the new Ysolda book Saturday Treat. This cowl has a really cool construction (a stockinette tube and brioche stitch).

Kris cast on for her 22.5 ( with some beautiful Madeline Tosh Marino Light) on a cruise last week. The scarf was zipping along until she realized that the two sides did not have the same number of stitches and she became annoyed.

Off Our Needles:

Susan finished her 22.5 in breakneck speed. It is made out of the most beautiful Island Yarn Pagoda in the Baked Apple colorway.

She also finished her Birthday Bandana Cowl, which is being modeled by the sweet and lovely Shelby. (Clearly,she has a future as a knitwear model.)

Susan has also finished her TGV. Sally loves it and it may or may not have come home in her knitting bag.

Sally dipped into her teeny tiny mochimochi book again and came out with a tiny gnome. Everyone needs one of these.

In our Queues:
Kris has signed up for another Anne Hanson monthly club. This one is called Bare Naked Knits, and She has received her first package. She will be making a Sky Ladder scarf out of the most scrumptious All Natural Mountain Meadow merino wool.
Susan recently bought Ysolda’s new book Saturday Treat. She is drooling over all the fun projects with really interesting techniques and construction.  Susan is also thinking of casting on for a pair of Secret Song Mittens from Knitscene.

What do I do With This?

Susan brought out a skein of Sheep Shop 3 yarn. 325 yards of sport weight 30% silk and wanted to know what she should do with it. We opened  Saturday Treat and found the perfect fingerless mitts: Sherbet Lemon. Problem solved.

Way off the needles:

Sally reported a recent disaster with the River Slipper pattern from the winter Interweave Knits. Seeing as she does not actually know her man Kevin Garnett, she has officially frogged these babies.

On The Bookshelf:

We all loved A Double Death On The Black Isle. Kris also recommends the mystery The Crossing Places by Ellie GriffithsSally read Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi. If you like after the apocalypse novels this is a really  good one.

That just about covers it. Happy knitting and remember, stay alive, don’t knit and drive.


The Ladies Of The Knit


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1 Response to Episode 14: Cruises, KAL, and Knitting gone Bad….

  1. Martha says:

    Fabulous episode as usual. Such cute creatures – the dog, the troll and the gnome. Thanks for all the good book suggestions.

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