Episode 16: Good vs. Evil Knitting

Episode 16 : Listen Here

Off the Needles:

Sally finished her koolaid dyed 22.5. One of these scarves just wasn’t enough. She has been wearing them everywhere.

Susan (drumroll…) finished her amazing Dahlia Sweater designed by Heather Zoppetti. This was the epic slog with the awesome outcome.

Would she make it again? Probably not. She also finished another Scalloped Shawl out of Malabrigio Sock in the colorway Primavera. So beautiful and soft.

Susan's Second Scalloped Shawl

lovely malabrigo sock in Primavera...

On The Needles:

Kris is sporadically working on her 22.5, which looks great in the MadTosh Light in the Victorian Gothic colorway.

Susan is working on a  Wakefield Diagonal Lace Scarf by Melissa Lebarre.  She is also creating a  Beaded  Cuff from a Laura Nelkin kit, AND she has cast on for Kara, a sweater designed by, Cecily Glowik McDonald, from Wool Book One. We love Cecily, and we love stash busting, and Susan’s got it all covered with this work in progress- with a little help from a raveller….see below for a happy ending!

Sally is still working on her Annabel Cardigan. After checking with the LOK about the length, she may have to go back and add an edging once the sweater is finished. Nicky Epstein, you sure do come in handy.

In The Stash:

Susan scored some Cashmere lace weight JoJoLand in Starling. This was irresistible, and on sale. She also bought one skein of Madtosh sport in the Gossamer colorway for her Kara…..Huge leap of faith here- trying to match one random skein of madtosh with the 4 skeins that she had already. Amazingly enough, knitter’s karma was with Susan, as you can see from the photo- can you pick out the Ravel-skein?

Can you tell?

(*Hint: It’s the top one….I think!)

Kris is still getting her packages from the Sundara yarn club and the Anne Hanson club. She is loving the packages, but getting a tiny bit overwhelmed by all the projects she hasn’t made yet. Sally gave 87% of her stash to her buddy Jim because the giant suitcase couldn’t live under her bed while her house is on the market. People say that houses sell better if yarn isn’t coming out of every corner. We’ll see. She can’t wait to go visit it soon.

In The Queue:

Kris showed us the Paravel Wrap by the Tricksy Knitter. We all love it, and may have to cast on. She also showed us the Adel Triple Strand Necklace made in Crystal by Stacy Charles. She has also been contemplating the Knitbot Essentials by Hannah Fettig. Susan has purchased Piper’s Journey and is thinking of making it out of some Tosh Sport in Sugar Plum (delish).

On The Bookshelf:

Kris has read the latest in the Ladies Private Detective Agency And gives it two thumbs up. She has also been reading Ruth Galaway mysteries. Susan loved Family Album by Penelope Lively and Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. She is trying to reserve her judgement about Patterns In The Sand, a knitting mystery. She thinks all murders are intentional, otherwise it wouldn’t be murder, and she can’t understand how that could have gotten by the editors. She did finish the mystery though, so that’s something. And she remembered another knitting mystery series by Gil McNeil, (one title is Needles and Purls) which we are all going to have to check out. Sally went on and on about The Flight Of Gemma Hardy by Margot Livesly. This is a retelling of the Jane Eyre story, although it certainly stands on its own. Sally loved the imaginative updating, and wished she didn’t have come to the last page.

That about wraps it up. Until next time, knit on dudes.


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