Episode 21: Phoning It In…

Episode 21: Phoning it in!

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Why this title? Well, we thought we were being so clever to schedule our podcast recording right before our knitting group was meeting. But of course, we talked and talked, and didn’t get to finish before everyone arrived. Sooooo, we finished the very end of this episode via Skype- our first try! Not as good as being together, but as you will hear, it worked pretty well!

Off The Needles
Bias Before And After Scarf from Tilly Thomas Sequined fingering
Soft Linen Shawl by Cecily Glowik MacDonald (This is a free pattern!!)  from Great Western Mink and Cashmere
Putney Shawl out of Hilltop Handspun Hand dyed Fingering,
Annabel Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hage out of Cascade Soft Spun in a buttery yellow,
and she whipped off a pair of Bijouterie earrings by Romi Hill for her daughter’s birthday.
Bound off the  All About Love shawl as we spoke. This is a gorgeous and FREE pattern by Silvia Bo Bilvia, and both Susan and Sally want to make one.

On The Needles:
Welted Fingerless Gloves from Churchmouse Yarns out of some lovely Spirit Trails Elysium 
Starling by Cecily Glowik MacDonald out of Madeline Tosh Prarie in the Cathedral colorway, plus another yarn that she decided on while we spoke.

TGV from Hilltop Handspun Hand Dyed sock yarn in the Crazy Fall Colors colorway. She loves her first TGV so much that she has to have another, and these colors make knitting soooo much fun.
Beautiful and practical Standard Socks out of Cascade Heritage Paints in blues, purples, and reds. Carolyn has made over one hundred pairs of socks, and she finds it to be the best project for knitting without worry, fuss, or having to carry too much around.

In The Stash:
Kris is still swearing off accumulating any more yarn until she has knit down her booty. Sally is trying hard to resist, but has found herself trolling Webs emails with a project in mind.
Fyberspates Bamboozled in the 50 Shades colorway,

and Pagoda from Island Yarns in the Silver colorway.
Is bringing an empty suitcase with her on her imminent journey to Turkey to fill with yarn.

In The Queue:
Susan: Edge Hoodie by Veronik Avery, Hyla Brook by Paula Emons-Fuessle, Boxy Cardigan by Joji Lacatelli
Sally wants to make everything in the latest pattern collection from Churchmouse Yarns. And the Shalom Cardigan.

On The Bookshelf:
Susan read and liked the Beekeeper’s Apprentice. We’ve talked about it before, but it’s so worth repeating.
The Art Forger by B.A. Shapiro (Susan said ‘BD’ -oops)
Sally and Kris talked more about Broken Harbor by Tana French. This book really stays with you after you’ve put it down. And it’s an interesting trip into post-financial melt-down Ireland.

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