Episode 40: Kris-less again……

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Shout outs:

Here are some of the great projects posted on our Ravelry forum page:
smithmks’ cheeping chick
aprilshowers ballet wraps
prariepoets’ summer current
JanMarie’s Dangling Conversation

OFF The Needles:

Sally finally finished her Color Affection. Ta Da! Much bigger than expected, but really beautiful and fun to wrap up in.
Susan cruised through her Assilomar out of the violet Lisa Sousa, Polworth Silk she splurged on at Rhinebeck.
For two lucky twins:Dinosaur Jr.  out of some Green Cascade heather, and Parlour Cat
Kris: Zephyr Cove


Sally is getting back to work on Mark’s vest out of the Barlett’s Yarn scored at Rhinebeck.

Susan has cast on for the Nangu shawl with eyelet repeats out of  Firefly and She’s a Waterfall. by Dani Sunshine, Bella Lino Classic Elite
Zaria by Shannon Squire,  out of Malabrigo Arroyo in pinks.

Pretty Arroyo

Pretty Arroyo


On the needles NOT:
SV: Mad Tosh Merino Light Caligraphy colorway– Sylvia have to find the perfect pattern for flowy cardigan fingering

In The Queue:
Sally wants to make a Dot Shawl by Casapinka (RISD knitting design certificate)and a Dangling Conversation, inspired by Susan, Kris, and Jan Marie.
Susan is eyeing: UrbanHamlin PeakMashpee Shwalette out of some Mad Tosh Dandelion which must still sneak into stash

In The Stash:
Susan plans on splurging on some Dandelion at Imagine in Bemus Point, NY

On The Bookshelf:

Sally is intrigued by David And Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

Susan is loving the unpredictable mysteries of Anne Cleeves, especially the Shetland Quintet. She also read Isabelle Allende’s  Ripper, which sounds like the perfect summer reading.


Our Viewing pleasures:

Nurse Jackie, In Treatment, Annika Bengtan, Land Girls, Father Brown  ,Bletchley Circle

That’s all for now folks!

Knit on! And on, and on, and …










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